Calibration Campaign 2015 in Ducati-Borgo Panigale

Blog post on 29/07/2015

In the last days, two SCS Concept Italia technicians carried out a periodic calibration campaign at the Ducati plant, in Borgo Panigale. 17 electronical T/A wrenches, 5 control benches, 3 transducers were calibrated and certified. One of the services that SCS Concept provides to customers is the torque and angle calibration on-site of:

  • Click wrenches and power tools test benches
  • Electronical dynamometric wrenches
  • Dial wrenches
  • Power tools and click wrenches control benches
  • Dynamometric Wrenches with encoder \ Gyro
  • Rotary transducers Torque\Angle
  • Encoder

The advantages of on-site calibration are several; no cost and no risk associated with transport, minimal interruption of the equipment operativity.

global-e-serviceOther services provided by the laboratory:

      • Amplifiers electronic calibration
      • Devices “safety measures” control (VDE)

SCS Concept provides this service thanks to a mobile laboratory provided by Q-direct GmbH (, accredited DAkkS (, for the torque and angle calibration directly on-site.

The torque calibration is executed according to the standards:

  • DIN 51309
  • DAkkS-DKD-R 3-7
  • DAkkS-DKD-R 3-8
  • DIN EN ISO 6789
  • EA 10-14

The angle calibration is executed according to the standards:

  • VDI/VDE2648, 1



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