DataTouch³: the perfect solution
for tool-tests and process-control

Blog post on 22/12/2014

SCS Concept presents the forerunner of a new generation of datacollectors: it’s the DataTouch³.
This instrument can be connected via wireless to various types of SCS devices: rotary transducers, static transducers and torque/angle wrenches. These devices can also be connected through the standard cable connection.
DataTouch³ is characterized by: large internal 1Gb memory , bluetooth and wireless connection, USB-Interface,  large colour touchscreen, barcode scanner, automatic transducer recognition, ergonomic design.
Test parameters, results, curves and statistical evaluations can be displayed directly on the data collector and it’s also possible the connection with an external PC for data exchange.
For all this reasons, SCS Concept DataTouch³assures an efficient, fast and easy quality control.

torque angle analizer quality control DataTouch SCS

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