Freedom RGT – Rivet Gun Tester

Rivetnut gun tester

Freedom RGT is the Concept SCS system to test rivet gun machines, for threaded rivets. It consists of a force transducer connected to the analyzer DataTouch3.







The transducer measures the force produced from the tool. The analyzer calculates the machine capability (Cm-Cmk) and produces the X control charts, R.

Rivet gun tester – SCS Concept solution

The DataTouch3 analyzer can work independently, defining directly the test program for the rivet gun, or the tests can be created with the quality management software SQnet+; in this case, the test results can be associated with a specific location of the production line and remain tracked in the database.

Freedom RGT can be supplied in two capacities, 20 kN and 50 kN.

It is developed for the rivet gun test for threaded rivets.rivet nut rivet bolt

These rivets are used to create a threaded hole in an area where it would be not possible to create a thread, or where the thread would be too weak.riveting

Controlling the force produced by a riveting tool is critical to keep under control the assembly process. In fact, if the force produced is too low, the rivet would not be deformed sufficiently to ensure a good assembly. On the contrary, a too large force can produce excessive deformation of the rivet.

For riveting machines with the control of the crushing distance of the rivet, this system is able to evaluate only the force produced by the riveting tool. It is still a useful tool for monitoring the rivet gun capability, and to prevent / decrease the number of production waste.

Threaded fasteners are widely used in automotive, aviation, aerospace and in the processing of thin metal sheets.

The Freedom RGT with DataTouch3 completes the SCS Concept series of products for the control of the tightening quality on the production lines. Rivet gun test is now possible, together with the already well developed products for power tools and torque wrenches quality control.

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