FTY, a multifunctional and user friendly dynamic test bench

Blog post on 25/11/2014

FTY is the result of a process oriented to a continuous improvement in the field of measurement technology.
SCS Concept realized this dynamic test bench combining quality and easiness.
Thanks to FTY it’s possible to perform different types of tests on DC tools, pneumatic tools, battery tools, digital torque wrenches (Torque/Angle) and click wrenches.
On FTY is possible to define exactly the Torque/Angle curves of the fastener on which the tool is used.
This allows to reproduce the behavior of the joint in any condition of work, at the beginning of the operation (completely untightened or partially untightened). Once entered the parameters the system is able to simulate any tightening strategy. This SCS Concept test bench is not only able to simulate each step of the tightening, but allows also to set the “START” of the simulation. This for the cases where the fastner arrives in the production station already tighteed.
To perform comparative tests, FTY gives the possiblity to receive the values measured on the tools or wrenches.
A function for manual input is available for instrument not yet compatible with FTY.
The speed of data acquisition card and the new algorithm for simulation of the fastener allow the execution of the test in half time, compared to the market standards.

Frenata-perfezionata-2-800x552FTY is user friendly, thanks to its graphic interfaces and its software Data Pro and SQnet+.
FTY is also compatible with QS-Torque. 
This pre installed software allow to perform free tests with storage of all results and the relevant traces and it’s possible to save results and traces in different working sessions for the same test conditions.

At last, FTY is customizable: users can modify the bench parameters according to their personal specifications and preferences.

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