FTY: quality and easiness in the new bench SCS Concept

Blog post on 03/10/2014

Its name is FTY, it’s the new bench for testing and controlling wrenches and power tools that SCS Concept will present it in the 33rd MOTEK, in Stuttgart. FTY gives the possibility to check wrenches and nut-runners following the most widespread strategies,
ensuring maximum repeatability. FTY assures a high test execution speed thanks to the an innovative mechanic and hydraulic system. The bench is supplied with two software: Data Pro, designed to manage transducer, test and parameters linked to time test and SQnet+, that allows the management of quality control tightening of a production line. It is supplied with batteries that ensure 8 hours of autonomy. Quality and easiness of use make FTY an advanced tool, that confirms the reliability of SCS Concept products.The bench allows to check the automatic function for detecting the residual torque on digital torque wrenches; it simulates the already tightened fastener and the drop of torque caused by the transition from static to dynamic friction; it allows to perform tests on DC tools, pneumatic tools, battery tools and to execute tests in clockwise and counterclockwise. Its strength is the capacity to reproduce different stiffness of joints for testing tools in the same condition of production line, without stop the work, saving time and improving control quality level. The only necessity you have is to know the behavior of the joints, and no previous tests to optimize the “brake simulation” are required. 

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