SCS Concept at Motek Italy 2017

SCS Concept, with the partner DMG Torino, will be present at Motek Italy 2017, the exhibition dedicated to the handling, assembly and factory automation from 23 to 25 March 2017 at Fiere di Parma.

SCS Concept Motek Italy 2017

The exhibition will be in a context totally dedicated to automation that will develop through the following synergistic halls:

  • Power Drive: systems and components for power transmission and mechatronics
  • Electronic Subcontracting: electronic processing for third parties
  • Control Italy: testing and measurement instrumentation and control for the quality
  • Digital Factory: Industrial Computer, Industrial IoT-sensors, cloud manufacturing, automatic identification technologies
  • Logistics: movement-material handling, lean manufacturing supply chain management

The Motek Italy is part of MECSPE, which with 11 thematic halls will offer a complete overview of materials, machines and technologies and the unique initiatives such as Digital Factory over automation. The Italian way for the industry 4.0.

SCS Concept and DMG Torino present the augmented reality system for production, which projects visual instructions to guide the operator through manual processes, through dedicated hardware and VPG +, the SCS visual production guide software:

Augmented reality system for production

Augmented reality for torque-angle tightening with digital torque wrench

SCS Concept will also present the following products:

FTA: automatic test bench for torque / angle test of electronic and mechanical torque wrenches.

Automatic torque angle tester wrenches FTA SCSMTC-P: torque/angle for test of multi-spindle screwdrivers.

MTC-P Multichannel torque-angle analyzer

FTY: dynamic test bench for power tools and torque wrenches

dynamic power tool wrench tester FTY SCS

AWT: Automatic wrench torque tester for click-wrenches

AWT automatic torque tester for click wrench

Freedom3 and DataTouch3: The digital torque wrench and the torque / angle analyzer, already widespread in international markets.

freedom3 digital torque angle wrench quality control production

torque angle analizer quality control DataTouch SCS

SCS Concept and DMG Torino invite Motek Italy visitors at their stands, to discuss with the staff of the two companies, to see and try new products, and to discover new advanced solutions for assembly and quality control.

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