SCS Concept will be exhibiting at ASSEMBLY SHOW in Chicago, from the 24th to 26th October 2017 at Rosemont, Illinois, USA.

The Assembly Show is an exclusive and unique exhibition of the latest assembly technology, equipment and products. It recalls about 7,000 participants and features content-oriented assembly, training and vendor content. Industries can experience the latest technology, products and related services.

Main points of the assembly show:

  • Discover new resources that can help accelerate marketing times by discussing the toughest challenges with experienced and skilled production providers.
  • Discover alternative assembly designs, products and solutions that are more efficient and cost effective.
  • Discover systems, mixed model assemblies, robotic assemblies, power tools, intelligent wrenches, dispensers, plastic assembly, presses, conveyors, seals, packaging, workstations, welders, visual systems and assembly quality control solutions.
  • Try new machinery, technology and equipment for assembly, in which you can interact personally.
  • Find solutions for every market, where assembly is key element: automotive, industrial, consumer, medical.
  • Connect with business partners
  • Learn from experts on the subject, in the unique assembly workshops.

SCS Concept assembly show 2017

SCS Concept and SCS Concept Americas provides you with experienced and competent applications support in all areas of assembly. Our staff all have well over 20+ years of experience within the fastening & quality industry.

On hand for your demonstration, new solutions for controlled tightening, managing quality control on the production line:

  • Intelligent digital wrenches with data traceability and interface with production and quality control software, and interfacing with the customer environment as well.
  • Test benches for quality assurance, to keep under control the power tools used on a production line.
  • Quality management and production software, to program the SCS Concept and third parties instruments, managing test results, producing reports, store statistics.
  • Torque and angle calibration laboratory.

Come visit us at booth 117, located close to the entry way of the assembly show.

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