The “QCOS Data Collection Automation Project” in M. Shimizu

schema1Blog post on 21/05/2015

Frank Lobato, SCS Products Field Application Engineer in M. Shimizu, SCS Concept brasilian partner, reports a news about the implementation, in the last April 2015, of the solution “QCOS Automation data collection” in the second GM plant “GM-Gravataí-RS”.

The same solution was already successfully implemented in March 2015 in the plant “GM – Gravataí-SP”.

The “QCOS Automation data collection” uses Freedom3 Torque Wrenches connected to the new SCS software “SQnet + _Wi-SynchServer” for SPC data traceability. This solution aimed to optimize costs and ensure the security of information which came to be made in all-digital format resulting in significant gains in the production process. The involvement in the “QCOS Data Collection Automation Project” of a third plant, the “GM -Rosário-AR”, is in negotiation.Chiave dinamometrica-elettronica Freedom3

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